Show: THE WYLD – Out of this World

Lumissimo – Magische Momente im Berliner Dom
Lumissimo – Magic Moments at the Berlin Cathedral
October 7, 2015
Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin - Berlinale
International Film Festival Berlin – Berlinale
October 20, 2015
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Palast Berlin: THE WYLD

They are among us. Anyone who drifts through the parallel universes of the Berlin night can sense it. All kinds of lifestyles are attracted to the ‘anything goes’ attitude of this city. Among them are a young BMX rider and an unsociable lady who lives up in the Berlin TV tower and feels more drawn to extra-terrestrials than she does to the inhabitants of the earth. Two souls who could not be closer yet more distant.

A production budget of more than ten million euros, the highest in the Palast’s 95-year history, will ensure visually breathtaking images which at times also turn our world upside down.

THE WYLD is populated with flamboyant mavericks, city slickers and intergalactic metamorphoses – ultra-modern and archaic, bizarre and futuristic. This is the result when Manfred Thierry Mugler, director, designer, photographer and perfume maker, well-known worldwide for his fashion and perfume label ‘Thierry Mugler’, and Roland Welke, one of the most creative and successful show producers in Europe, put their heads together.

On the biggest theatre stage in the world, Berlin’s glittering new celestial phenomenon combines exceptional figures and talents in extraordinary images. As weird and wonderful as the city where it is set.

Get your best space suit out of the wardrobe and fly with us through this truly cosmic love story. With more than 100 artists, THE WYLD is the most elaborate show outside of Las Vegas. Ethereally beautiful and out of this world.